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Bhutan Dzogchen Tour’s Trekking Tour Package:

Bhutan is known to the tourist as one of the greatest opportunities for various levels of trekking and hiking ranging from a day’s hike with beautiful scenery. Trekking in Bhutan is unlike anywhere else in the Himalayas, complemented by crystal clear air and views that sometimes defy description. Some treks are short and suitable for beginners while others can be long and challenging.

Trekking facilities are constantly being improved. All treks in Bhutan use tented campsite accommodation and on many routes you will be the only trekkers in sight!

PLEASE NOTE: There is a nominal fee for Trekking tour so please do inquire within.

For Trekkers, Bhutan Dzogchen Tour’s trekking package includes the following:

Please CONTACT US for further information regarding trekking in Bhutan.


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