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We spent a week in Bhutan in February 2017 and had an amazing time. Dzogchen Tours made everything easy — visas, air travel, accommodations, food, guide and driver — and tailored the itinerary to our interests. The owner of the company, Kinley E Dorji, always replied to emails promptly. We initially chose it because it had positive reviews on travel sites, and I can vouch for those reviews. I would recommend Bhutan Dzogchen Tours to anyone.
Our guide, Drugyel, shared his deep knowledge of Bhutan’s history and of Buddhism with us. He kept our activities varied and made sure we were happy. We always felt safe with our driver, Sangay, behind the wheel. Both were very flexible, and they were so much fun to travel with! I can’t speak highly enough of their professionalism or of them personally.
We spent seven days in Bhutan, mostly in Paro, Thimphu and Punakha. The resorts, hotels and homestay were clean, comfortable and well-located. The food was good, especially the more Bhutanese dishes (chili cheese) as opposed to the Western-style food. We also had some time to explore a bit on our own. 
We had an incredible experience in Bhutan thanks to Dzogchen Tours. It was difficult to leave after only seven days, and we hope to come back again one day.
USA: Sara Smith and Alastair Harley


Since the first contact to prepare my 10 days trip in Bhutan, Kinley E Dorji has been really reactive and helpful and all went very smoothly. Once arrived, my guide, Drugay and the driver were flexible and listening to all my expectations. I did a 6 days trek (Dagala Thousand Lakes) which was well prepared with a really nice staff. I suggest that you take a good book or anything to spend time as you will finish your trek day around 3pm or 4pm.

The accommodations in Paro and Thimpu were perfectly clean with a friendly staff and are real 3 or 4 stars standards. All the Resort chosen were cozy and traditional places which add to the charm of your stay. I do recommend that you spend a few night in one of the home stay available as it allows to experience another type of living.

I will definitely choose Bhutan Dzogchen if I am lucky enough to come back to Bhutan!

France: Stanislas Hermann


I traveled to Bhutan with Bhutan Dzogchen Tours this February (2016). I did not pay for any upgrades, so my review is based on the minimum daily rate.
For a first time solo traveller to Bhutan, it was an act of pure faith to plan from halfway around the world in Florida. Kinley E Dorji responded reliably and timely to my inquiries and worked with me to adjust my itinerary. This, along with the lack of negative feedback on the internet about Bhutan Dzogchen Tours led me to choose this agency over the many others listed on the Bhutan tourism website. So it was a great relief to arrive, find that there really were people to greet me and then to experience truly excellent treatment. I was very pleased with my guide, Sangay Dorji and driver Gyem Dorjee. Both spoke excellent English and during our two weeks together we covered lots of territory in both landscape, conversation and much good humor.
All hotels were clean and nicely located in natural scenery and the customer service was impeccable. Being February, there were not so many other travellers, so I felt very privileged, as if it had all been arranged just for me! All hotels had hot showers in private bathrooms and the rooms and bedding provided good warmth for the winter conditions.The food was excellent – very abundant with lots of veggies fixed in Bhutanese cheese style (including the famed chillis), red rice, and meat if I wanted it. It was all served either as a buffet or family style, so I could choose dishes I liked, or avoid those I didn’t care for so much. One hotel offered only vegetarian fare, but the food was excellent quality – all local and prepared fresh. Sangay also arranged for several picnics which the Bhutanese do in great style. No sandwiches or cold food for outside dining here – It was the same lovely hot food we ate in the establishments.
Our vehicle was in good condition and the driving under very challenging circumstances felt very safe. Having four-wheel drive added a sense of security also. I loved that we walked so much and felt that it allowed me to experience Bhutan in a manner that felt authentic rather than contrived. Sangay was very perceptive about my walking capabilities as an older person and chose a pace that was perfect. The walk up to the Tiger Temple was the highlight of the tour and his patient presence as we trekked steadily, helped stave off my fears of inadequacy in the face of its challenge.
I appreciated that there were opportunities to explore and shop on my own. Unlike tourism I have experienced in many other countries, I was not steered to particular commercial spots and at no time felt enticed or pressured to buy goods. I did appreciate that Sangay facilitated interactions with individuals, independent of the markets, who were selling items they had made. There was no sense of contrivance in these encounters and they were some of the highlights of my trip.
My experience with Bhutan Dzogchen Tours allowed me to experience this culturally and environmentally rich country with the greatest confidence and comfort that was in their power to provide. I share my experience in hope that others will benefit and make their decisions with the most information available. Tashi delek.

USA: Alwynne Lamp


we have arrived back in cold and snowy Beijing. Both of us would like to thank you for Bhutan Dzogchen Tours and Mr. Kinley E Dorji of the tour. We enjoyed it very very much.

Special thanks of course to Drugyel and Sangay who made it a memorable and very relaxed stay for us. We enjoyed our ten days with them and learned a lot about Bhutan and were able to experience its people, the every day life, the food (which is great by the way), culture, history, music and your countries beautiful environment and nature. Without the two of them we would not have been able to receive such a deep impression and insight into all these issues. We also learned a lot about Buddhism in Bhutan, its history and present application in Bhutan.

Sangay is a great driver and made us feel safe during the whole journey. Drugyel shared his rich knowledge about the country with us and even quizzed us sometimes during the long drives. In the end it felt like travelling with two friends and we were really sad to have to leave.

We will definitely come back some day because we really fell in love with Bhutan.

China: Claudia Walther and Sheng Li


Planning a trip to Bhutan could be overwhelming – when we “googled” Bhutan, we literally got hundreds of results. The travel agencies to choose from were endless. Since the trip was going to cost us an arm and a leg, we were very thorough and careful in picking the travel agency to go with.
Through a bit of research, we ended up emailing several travel agencies and one of them was Bhutan Dzogchen Tours. With any type of encounter, the initial contact is the most crucial one, as it determines whether to progress communication or not. Kinley Dorji from his very first reply made us feel that his travel agency is the organisation what we can entrust our trip to. And we weren’t wrong.
Our “4 nights, 5 days tour” is a testament to the travel agency’s promise of a personalised, tailor-made trip.  Kinley prepared an itinerary prior to our arrival but adjusted it when we were going around. He had a “sixth sense” of anticipating just about everything from what we needed, to what we wanted to see and do.
While our trip was literally just a glimpse of Bhutan, we were able to create happy memories to last a lifetime and we owe this to Kinley for showing us around the mystical Himalayan kingdom.
Because of our trip, we now have this insatiable desire get to know every inch, nook and cranny of the  “Land of the Thunder Dragon”. In fact, we were already planning our return journey with Kinley on our very first day.
Words aren’t enough to describe our trip with Bhutan Dzogchen Tours. We got introduced to a tour guide and driver upon arrival but said goodbye to good friends when we departed.
The trip felt like visiting an old friend in his home country and having that friend as our host and guide. We didn’t feel like tourists at all.
If you are planning a bespoke trip to Bhutan, we encourage you to create your own blissful adventure with Bhutan Dzogchen Tours. You won’t regret it.
Myanmar: Lester Obice, Aian Garay and Lye Alangdeo, travel buddies since 2009


Our family spend a 11 days trip in this beautiful country at the end of March to the beginning of April 2015. Even our family travel 4 times a year and I personally travel to nearly 80 countries, Kinley E Dorji, our guide and owner of Bhutan Dzogchen Tours can tailor made what we need and what we are looking for. His flexibility help us to enjoy the biggest festival in Paro. He also guide us to hike in a trail which is not commonly use by traveler in Paro and we are glad that we can enjoy another view of the city and airport! We have no doubt to recommend Bhutan Dzogchen Tours to anyone who plan to visit Bhutan!

Hong Kong: Whelan Leung and family


I recommends Bhutan Dzogchen Tours as the first choice of Bhutan Travel Agency. I just came back from 5 days trip in Bhutan in the end of Jan, 2015.

Before visiting Bhutan, I suddenly planned the travel for Bhutan in the end of Dec, 2014. I contacted several agancies by emails, but the most quick and well considered reply was sent by Bhutan Dzogchen Tours. Mr. Kinley Dorji modified and arranged the tour schedule as I wished quickly. It was very smoothly arranged and communicated in the day and night and no stress for busy business worker .

In the travel of Bhutan, the guide, Mr. Sonam and driver, Mr. Tenzin are very friendly and took care of everything for me. Mr. Sonam changed the schdule from the sightseeing of Thinpu to trecking to Pojodin Gonpa according to my interests flexbly. I suppose that the trecking requires much hours and power than usual caltural tours, however, Mr. Sonam respected my interests and changed for me without hesitation. It was a great experience for me to hike in the peaceful mountains and visit the monestries and monks. In addition, he also arranged the stone hot bath for me by my sudden request before the day. Hot stone bath was quite nice, it was like a Onsen (in Japan) experience for me.

They also gave me a change to experience the Bhutan modern cultural life after the dinner. It was really interesting for me, but I drunk too much……. . I became to love Bhutan very much through their hospitaliy.

Anyway, if you are looking for the travel agency, I highly recommends Bhutan Dzogchen Tours for your choice. Bhutan Dzogchen Tours has flexibility and arranges the schedule according to traveler’s interests.

Thailand: Masafumi Kaneko


I just returned from Bhutan earlier this week, and I was fortunate enough to be taken care of by Bhutan Dzogchen Tours. Bhutan is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and kind places I’ve ever been to in my life, and this experience could not have been possible without the kindness and knowledge of my guide Sonam and driver Ugyen, who went to great expense to ensure I was always warm, comfortable, and enjoying myself. They were both perfect gentlemen and brotherly at the same time, always making sure I had everything I wanted, offered to carry everything when we were climbing up to the Taktsang monastery, and never said No to anything I requested, even if it meant personal inconveniences to themselves like driving across longer distances or later nights. Their unconditional kindness and willingness to go to great lengths to make sure you had a good experience touched me greatly. The rooms in the hotels chosen were huge, king-sized and perfectly clean, comfortable and had wifi.

Kinley is the proprietor of the company, and he was the main person I spoke with to arrange my visa and itinerary. His replies are always fast and informative, and despite his busy schedule he managed to take time out to personally meet me to thank me for my patronage, and have a nice dinner. This personal touch is eminent in every effort Bhutan Dzogchen Tours puts to take care of its guests. I will be returning to Bhutan again next year and I am entirely in Bhutan Dzogchen Tour’s hands.

Singapore: Debbie Lim


I just came back from a 10 days trip to Bhutan, including a 4 days trek (Druk path) and cultural visit (Punakha, Pobjika valley, Thimpu, and Paro). I organized everything through Bhutan Dzogchen Tours (www.bhutandzogchentours.com) and everything was absolutely perfect! The hotels were all nice and clean, and in great locations. The tour guide (Nim) was great and super flexible (e.g. we changed our itinerary during the trek due to the weather) and was really friendly and customer-focused all the time. We also met Kinley E Dorji (the owner of the tour operator), both he and our guide were extremely knowledgeable about Bhutan and very experienced, so they could always show us the best things and enrich our experience with deep explanations about the Bhutanese history and traditions. All in all, a memorable trip and I would definitely recommend Dzogchen tours.

Singapore: Gilberto and Cintia Gaeta


Traveling independently was always my first choice whenever it comes to planning a trip to stranger land, for the flexibility and freedom of itinerary were my highest priority. This was, until I went on a tour package with Bhutan Dzogchen tours that totally change my perspective.
Prior to the journey, Mr Kinley E Dorji was very prompt and helpful in answering all my queries, and also providing me with all the details I needed to decide for the tour. I encountered minor difficulties in the procedure, Mr Kinley was able to response quickly and help me to rule the problem out.
On arrival, I was welcomed warmly by my personal guide, Mr Sonam. It was not for long, before we became friends instead of just guide and guest. While being knowledgeable about the history and culture, Sonam frequently shared his stories and experiences, that gave me a wonderful insight into how is it feel like to live in Bhutan.
Malaysia: Yeoh Chee Wai


Our nine-day trip in Bhutan was truly amazing, and we highly appreciated the organization and service provided by Bhutan Dzogchen Tours. Our guide and chauffeur were extremely friendly and helpful. My personal advice would be to bring some good books since the tours usually end by 4pm, and the towns are rather quiet. Besides this detail, we enjoyed every minute of our stay in Bhutan.

France: Buqing Fabien


My tour of Bhutan, a country I had desired to visit for over 10 years, was organized and conducted by Bhutan Dzogchen Tours and the Managing Director was personally involved in all the planning communications which flowed so quickly.
The culture of the country is so fascinating and embedded in Buddhism. The scenery is spectacular and I loved all the destinations I covered, Paro, Thimphu and Punakha as each area was markedly different. A must is visiting the Royal Textile museum in Thimphu.
Dorji my guide was very insightful to understand at what pace I wanted to visit the various sites we covered in my 5 day tour. The variety of experiences in those 5 days was superb and I had such a great opportunity to get up close to the daily life of the locals including seeing the royal family out and about.
Bhutan Dzogchen Tours recommended the Zhiwa Ling hotel in Paro which was a fabulous choice. I understand they will be opening a 2nd hotel in mid 2014 and in Thimphu.
Dorji’s level of English and his knowledge on so many subjects made it so fascinating ….it felt like traveling with a friend vs guide. Tshering, our driver was outstanding with his cautious but steady driving style.

USA: Claire Burgess


I have traveled with other tour agencies in Bhutan, but I must say, Bhutan Dzogchen Tours has the best guides and services, and I have recommended to all my friends who plan to visit Bhutan and my friends and I love our experience each and every time. Mr. Kinley E Dorji, the tour operator, is a very kind and knowledgable man who had been in the tourism for over 15 years now, and he is very efficient and very trustworthy. I go to Bhutan at least once a year and I always manage to learn new things about Bhutan which is beautiful. I truly appreciate Kinley’s service and friendship and I definitely recommend Bhutan Dzogchen Tours as the GO TO agency in Bhutan. Much friendlier than the larger tour operators, and well known enough to offer you professionalism and friendliness.

Japan:  Mie Kawasaki and Group of 8 pax


I just got back from an 8 day trip to Bhutan and I absolutely LOVED it! Several months before our planned trip, I came to this site for reviews on Bhutan travel agents and decided to go with Bhutan Dzogchen Tours. Kinley not only created several itineraries for us (my Mom and me) to choose from but went far above and beyond answering all of our questions about every minute aspect of the trip.

When we arrived he was personally there to greet us and make sure we well taken care of. I was most impressed by how quickly he learned our personalities and what we specifically would enjoy. Our planned itinerary changed the very first day when he heard that my mom is a sign language interpreter and would love to visit the deaf school in town. He was not only friendly to us but to everyone we met along the way. Kinley and Tshering quickly became our friends more than our guide and driver and we laughed and sang the days away.

The country of Bhutan is stunningly beautiful and rich with history but it was Kinley and Tshering who really made the trip spectacular!! I would recommend Bhutan Dzogchen Tours without any hesitation because I know that they’ll be sure to make your trip to Bhutan as memorable as mine.

USA: Kristin and Barbara Coffin


I have travelled with the owner of Bhutan Dzogchen Tours. Mr Kinley Dorji is fantastic. We visited Bhutan in April 2012 and it was a last minute booking with another tour agency, however we were fortunate to have Mr Kinley was our guide for our one week holiday. He was very attentive and was able to adjust our tour accordingly to meet our needs, and was also able to provide us with a lot of interesting facts about Bhutan. He is truly interested in making sure that his guests are provided with the experience that they have paid for.

I would definately book with them as he will take care of you.

New Zealand: May Nepia and Family


I traveled with Bhutan dzogchen tours. They were absolutely amazing. They handled the visa, air travels from Asia (for me it was from Bangkok to Paro) and all accommodations, cars, and the most knowledgable and kind hearted guide and driver. I traveled from Paro to Thimphu to Punakha and it was wonderful.You can check out their website on www.bhutandzogchentours.com or contact them at dzogchentours@gmail.com. There is a travel article by one of the traveler who traveled with them on buddhist channel. So they are very credible and wonderful.

I am definitely traveling with them and have recommended many people to travel with this agency. If anyone is stuck about their travel or do not know how to start, contacting dzogchen tours is definitely a start!

Japan: Amie Nishima and Group of 10 pax



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