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Bhutan Dzogchen Tour’s Cultural Tour Package:

Our Cultural tour introduces visitors to the unique aspects of the Bhutanese way of life through visits to villages, temples, historical monuments, pilgrimage sites and scenic spots. The most popular cultural tour includes visit to western and central Bhutan namely Paro, Thimphu (Bhutan’s Capitol City), Punakha, Wangdue, and Bumthang. For those interested to see another aspect of Bhutanese life, Eastern Bhutan is definitely worth visiting.

Our shortest itineraries begin from 3 nights 4 days! 

Please enquire us regarding your cultural tour here in our Blissful Kingdom.


Below is our most popular Cultural Tour Package (Two of various and many different itineraries we offer at Bhutan Dzogchen Tours!)

1. Glimpse of Bhutan:

Customizable tour itineraries beginning from 3 nights 4 days trip up to 11 days!

This package is for those who would like to catch a glimpse of Bhutan. The package includes touring the western part of Bhutan including Paro, Punakha, Wangdue and the capitol city, Thimphu. The highlight of the tour is the visit the Dochula Pass, a 10000 ft mountain pass from where you can see the whole range of the Himalayas and the beautiful valleys of Wangdue and Punakha. The duration of the itinerary is minimum 7 days.

2. The Best of Bhutan:

 Customizable tour itineraries beginning from 11nights 12 days up to 28 days! 

This package offers you the grand splendor of Bhutanese tradition and culture. It takes you through the most scenic places in Bhutan. You will spend one night in the beautiful valley of Black necked crane (Phobjekha valley) and in Bumthang, the most holy place in Bhutan. You will also experience an exotic half a day trek to Tiger’s Den and drive across Dochola-la Pass (10,000 ft) and the Chele-La pass (12,200 ft) from where you can see both the valleys of Paro & Haa. The minimum duration for this package is 12 days and it can be extended according to your individual requirement.

and much much more!

Please contact us for further details regarding itineraries!

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